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Teresa Robinson

Why You Might Be Seeking a Counselor.

Many of us experience challenges in life, from divorce, to life changing events, parenting issues, coping with anxiety, the loss of a loved one, or the daily challenges of strengthening a blended family. When faced with the seemingly insurmountable challenges in life, many people feel misunderstood, lonely, confused, hurt, and just simply stressed out. At the heart of many of life’s challenges, particularly in relationships with others, is poor communication. Far too many people want to be heard, but they do not know how to communicate effectively, or much less to listen. We are a product of our environment, and we may never have learned productive ways in which to express ourselves, and we feel misunderstood. Some may have never learned effective communication, while others have a difficult time saying “no”, and need to be reassured that doing so does not make them a “bad” person; while others struggle to identify, and set, healthy boundaries. If one does not know how to set healthy boundaries, others will do so, leaving one frustrated and overwhelmed. During the challenging times of life, many choose to seek the help of a counselor, to begin a counseling process that is centered around understanding and creating a richer, more fulfilling, life. It is a process that focuses on setting goals and identifying strategies to achieve them. With each step of the counseling process, the client becomes more and more empowered. You may be struggling with the challenges of life, or you may never have felt complete closure from life changing events. I am here for you, as your counselor. I will help you in your journey, empower you, and guide you toward putting life into focus, so you can see and achieve a brighter future.

Do you feel

Individual Counseling

Finding Strength To Grow

Do you currently feel hopeless or possibly misunderstood? Do you feel that you have no goals in life, or that you do not complete the goals in life you set, no matter how large or small?

Marriage Counseling

Overcoming All With Love

Are you and your spouse tired of repeating the same dysfunctional cycle over and over again?

Family Counseling

Growing Closer Together

Today, many families face challenges like never before in our society. We are all products of our environment, and sometimes the family environment may have created generations of dysfunctional behaviors, and communication skills that have led to negative outcomes.

Group Counseling

You Are Not the Only One

Group counseling can be extremely beneficial and therapeutic particularly, if you think you are "the only one" who is struggling with a particular challenge in life.

"Free yourself from stresses of life with holistic therapy."

Teresa J. Robinson M.A.

Professional Counselor

I want to begin by thanking you, and letting you know that I am honored you are considering me as your counselor. I have also experienced challenges in life, and life's up's and down's, which have led me to work on my first book which will, hopefully, help others who are struggling.

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Teresa's compassion, dedication, and knowledge shine through in everything she does.She is truly committed to making a difference in the lives of others and her passion to guide others toward a brighter future is apparent from the moment you meet her.


Teresa is wonderful. I felt so comfortable speaking with her - we resonated on so many levels. Teresa has the skill set to work with the issues that so many people deal with in today's world, recognition of our feelings, transformation into who we want to be and communication skills that will enhance our daily lives. I am very honored to know that Teresa is available to help families through these issues.


I have known Teresa Robinson professionally and personally for several years. In all my dealings with her, she has always been an exceptional professional and her impeccable personal character makes it easy for me to endorse her on any topic. Teresa has always shown her natural instinct to make the needs of others paramount with her. I have met many people that are good on the surface, Teresa is great to the core, a true caring, thoughtful and dedicated soul.


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