Group Counseling

You are not the only one

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

-Henry Ford

Group counseling

Group counseling can be extremely beneficial and therapeutic particularly, if you think you are “the only one” who is struggling with a particular challenge in life. The group setting allows individuals the opportunity to hear from others who may be struggling with the same feelings or problems. Group counseling is a valuable opportunity to learn new skills, and to identify negative thoughts and behaviors that may be holding you back. I offer group counseling for adults and adolescents. These groups are typically offered in the evening, during weekdays, and on Saturday’s, in a closed group setting to help build trust. The number of members for these groups can be anywhere from four to seven people.

I also offer specialty groups for adolescents. One group consists of adolescents who have been diagnosed with a Learning Disability. Another group I offer is for adolescent girls and boys. This group focuses on topics such as self-esteem, relationships, boundaries, self-respect, and respect for others (to list just a few of the topics).

The group counseling, I offer is not designed for individuals who are in need of an intensive treatment group setting. Groups are conducted throughout the year, and are ongoing. If you are interested in learning more about group counseling, please contact me directly for further information.

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