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“All your dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”

-Walt Disney

Guest speaking

If you are searching for a guest speaker for your next women’s group meeting, or adolescent event, consider Teresa Robinson as your guest speaker. Teresa welcomes the opportunity to share her heartfelt testimony focused on overcoming challenges in life with God’s help, in the hope that it will empower others. Teresa has often said to others, “I’ve been so low in life’s valley at times, that I felt I was under the valley, but I persevered”. Teresa received Christ as her savior as a young girl. She has been part of her church’s leadership for the past 12 years. Throughout her life, her deep faith in God has sustained her and has enabled her to face each challenge, and to climb out of every valley. With each step, she put fear and doubt behind her with God’s help. Life, and her faith, has taught her that we can’t change what we don’t acknowledge, and we can’t achieve new heights if we don’t know what we are reaching for.

For more than 18 years, Teresa worked as a designer, after earning her Bachelor’s Degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. She spent nearly two decades in the design field, and felt that it was a “calling” God put on her heart. After working in the design profession for several years, she often felt that people seem to fit into three categories. There are those who say, “if only I could go back”, those who wonder if they could do what others do, and those who have given up on life and on their goals because they were discouraged and their goals seemed unattainable. This feeling led to another calling, a calling that led Teresa to earn a Master’s Degree in Family and Marriage Counseling from Liberty University. Teresa speaks from the heart, sharing many of life’s experiences, including the challenges of marriage, feeling unwanted, and hopelessness, feelings so many others experience every day. Teresa is currently working on her first book, in the hope that her story, her faith, and her experiences will empower readers to climb their mountains and reach their dreams.

Teresa’s down-to-earth personality, and her sense of humor, shine through in her testimony, and in her hope that others will be touched by God’s love. She shares what God has done in her life, reminding others that: “With God all things are possible”. What are your possibilities?

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